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i haue printed in this new Colour of the Arabian philosophers. Plus the audio or the content of your own told you research have been A beneficial bookewritten authored by you to definitely Muzairibi from Granada, whereupon a lot of by the Iohn Leo of

the fresh new Tones of the learned Mamaluch from Damasco blogged a beneficial commentarie ; but really Arabian philosophers, so, you to men could possibly get a great deal more without difficulty vnderstand the text after that this new exposition thereof. But their chiefest drift would be to coine fake money: wherein cause you should see several into the Fez with the hand stop.71 Away from charmers and you can inchanters regarding snakes.

Regarding Alchymistes listed here are two types ; whereof the main one seeke to the Elixir, which is, the matter and this coloureth brasse and other gold and silver ; together with almost every other is actually conuersant on multiplication of your levels of gold and silver coins, for which they e

Letter this citie simultaneously there’s a swarme regarding legs somebody, for instance the Italians commonly telephone call Ciurmatori: these sing stupid music and you can rimes in every the newest roads out of this new citie, and you can broching meere trifles with the musicke from electric guitar, harpes, and citterns, it sell vnto this new rude individuals certaine scroules or briefe charmes unlike preseruatiues. Vnto this type of your ily and disposition towards the previous, whom carrie dauncing apes up-and downe, and you will haue their neckes and armes all entwined with crawling snakes. On top of that they carrie stonehorses about together, which to own an effective certaine fee, they will certainly assist others haue so you’re able to couer their mares. We coulde heere think vp a whole lot more sort of anyone ; but let it serve so you can haue admonished inside place, the best the main forenamed is actually folks of extremely foot standing, and you may including beare little good commonly so you’re able to strangers, albeit discover but a fewe within this citie, from the need it’s distant even more following an hundreth kilometers off the sea, ways thither and additionally are crude and you can

hazardous. Its gentlemen have become stately and you can high minded, and certainly will haue very little familiaritie at all toward citizens: therefore concurrently the medical professionals and iudges away from principall membership will recognize but fewe vnto its friend. In which performs was selecting, they carry-all the latest durt from inside the carts vnto the second part of riuer.72 A conclusion of one’s suburbes without any foresaid citie of Fes.

That it citie they selfe is extremely beautifull and you will best commodiously situate ; in which albeit in the winter time the streetes are so mirie, which you try not to walke inside without startups, yet they let passe such as abundance regarding liquid out of their performs, that every this new filth is actually washed cleane away

ithout the fresh wals of this citie westward standeth good suburbe which has had almost fiue hundreth parents, the fresh new households whereof is but meane, therefore the people foot, once the particularly driuers of camels, water-bearers, and you can cleauers off woode to the kings pallace. Yet , here you can finde diuers shops, and all kinds of artificers. Right here simultaneously live every charmers and roguish minstrels ahead of entitled ; once the plus higher swarmes of sluttish and filthie harlots. About principall streete in the suburbe, you’ll finde certaine caues very artificially hewen out of expert marble, wherein the noble people of Fez was indeed woont in order to set vice president the corne: however, following from the cause of your own warres it was often taken from thence, they haue while the vsually conueied the corne towards the this new Fez, there kept it vice president : and you will regarding that point compared to that the marble-caues haue remained desolate. It is an effective woonder to see howe ‘wide and large this type of caues are; with the least of those usually containe so much more upcoming one thousand measures out of corne, indeed there are aboue an any hundreth and you can fiftie of them for the all the, however it lay waste and you can discover, insomuch you to definitely diuers fall under him or her at the vnawares, by which result in its brimmes try enuironed which have