Its sphere are not any lesse barren following vntilled; and yeelde onely really small quantitie regarding barlie and panicke

soldiers. The townesmen is actually very hardly apparelled, and vtterly destitute away from humanitie.eleven Of one’s towne regarding Hunain. His towne being centered of the Africans, and being well-known for stately strengthening and you may ciuill population, hath a small hauen that belong thereunto better fortified which have several turrets updates one to on the you to definitely front side, and another on the other hand. The latest towne-wall is extremely high and you can beautifull, specifically thereon top hence standeth second vnto the ocean. Hither doe the brand new Venetians yeerely provide great shop away from merchandize, and doe traffique toward resellers regarding Telensin ; with the citie out of Telensin try but fourteene miles regarding which. Just like the big date you to Oran was surprized of the Christians, new Venetians carry out don’t repeated Oran, fearing minimum the fresh new Spanyards hauing it when you look at the arms is to worke him or her specific mischiefe: wherfore then they began to repaire vnto that it vent. Their homes try extremely stately depending, and haue euery one fountaines that belong vnto her or him : concurrently listed below are of many vines running pleasantly vpon bowers otherwise arbours. Their houses is actually paued with mats away from diuers tints, and their spaces and you may vaults is actually curiously painted and you can carued. Howbeit, thus soone just like the society were aduertised of losse out-of Oran, it fled of Hunain and you may remaining it emptiness out-of society : sauing that the queen away from Telensin maintaineth right here an excellent garison away from footemen, who giue notice when one resellers vessels approch. The industries are plentiful which have cherries, peaches,figs,oliues, or other fruites : howbeit it reape however, little commoditie thereby. We my selfe passageway by doing this cannot but bewaile the fresh extreme calamitie whereinto the brand new society of this towne was

Brand new townesmen previously have been really ciuill people, best area getting weauers out-of pure cotton and of linnen

Genoa, what type boat delivered commodities adequate to serue Telensin for flue yeeres: the fresh new 10th region whereof amounting so you can fifteene thousand duckats, is covered tribute towards the king.several Of one’s towne of Haresgol.

Immediately after which it was a keen honourable and you can really-gouerned citie: howbeit Ioseph queen regarding Fez continually molested they, and with an grand armie besieged they to possess seuen yeeres together

The guy high and you may old towne of Haresgol try established vpon good rocke enuironed toward all corners into the Mediterran water, sauing on the southern, where lieth an easy method on firme lande on the towne. They standeth northward regarding Telensin fourteene kilometers; and you can was at minutes early in the day well stored having population. This new gouernour thereof was you to definitely Idris, vncle vnto one Idris which was new originator from Fez ; the fresh posteritie regarding who enioied the same gouernment to your area of an enthusiastic hundred or so yeeres. Thoroughly around came good certaine queen and you may patriarke away from Cairaoan just who vtterly destroied that it towne, so it remained voide regarding society almost an enthusiastic hundred yeers: and date it absolutely was reinhabited of the certaine individuals of Granada, hence came thither with Mansor; and that Mansor repaired new towne, on the end it could alwaies end up being a place away from retreat getting his troops. Once whose decease, plus the loss of his sonne Mudaffir, every troops was in fact expelled from the people or individuals of Zanhagia and Magraoa ; hence second desolation of the towne occurred about yeere of one’s Hegeira 410. step one step three

Of your great citie from Telensin, if not entitled Trends durante. Elensin is a wonderful citie together with royall seate of your own king; but who had been the first creators thereof it’s vncertaine: howbeit most certaine it is, this particular citie was very small at the start and you may began significantly getting age date whenever Haresgol are applied waste. To have after that, a beneficial certaine members of the family entitled Abdulguad14 bearing laws, it increased so extremely, one to from the raigne regarding queen Abu Tesfin^six they contains sixteene thousand group. Which Ioseph hauing created an excellent fort vpon this new eastern edge of the brand new towne, place the besieged customers so you’re able to such as for example distresse, which they could not endure the ultimate famine: wherefore that have that accord each of them ran vnto the king, beseeching him so you’re able to haue compassion vpon its want. New queen, to ensure they are acquainted his daintie food, which he had to lunch, shewed him or her a recipe regarding sodden horse-flesh and you can barlie. After which they really perceiued how nothing the latest leaders home was greatest then property of meanest citizen of all time. Soone pursuing the queen hauing procured an assemblie, perswaded their those who it was even more honourable so you can perish during the battel with the defence of the countrie, after that to help you Color so unhappy a lifetime. And this terms and conditions of the king thus inflamed almost all their mindes so you’re able to the brand new battell, that the day following the they resolued to encounter the latest enemie, and valiantly to battle it. But it decrease away farre finest in their eyes then they requested ; for the same evening queen Ioseph was slaine by certainly one of his owne somebody: and that newes getting lead vnto the people, having deeper courage it marched all out of towne, easily vanquishing and you will You You Z